Iphone Case USB Flash Drive

This Iphone Case USB Flash Drive is not only USB, but also a Iphone casing for Iphone4 and Iphone 4S! Your customer only needs to spend money for one product, but enjoy the function of two products!
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Capacities: 64MB - 128GB
Data: FREE Data Preloading
Custom body colors: Available
Product materials: Plastic
Compatibility PC or Notebook with a USB interface  
Drivers Required only for Windows 98/95. 
Data retention 10 Years Minimum 
Theres a slot on the Iphone casing for you to insert the USB drive ins ide it. 
No need to worry you may lose your USB drive any more!   Durable casing made of plastic, with rubber finishing, well protect your iphone!


Big space for logo printing, you can have your company logo on both iphone casing and USB drive!


Poly bag
Tin box
Plastic magnetic box

Avaliable Color

PMS color Match*
  • Express Service in 1-5 days*
  • FREE 4 Color Printing (or laser engraving)*
  • FREE 2GB Data Preloading
  • FREE shipping all over the world
  • Tire 1 (Grade A) Chips
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 30-day price lock on Express Drives
  • Guarantee Fast Read / Write Speed

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