Chrome series OC DDR3

Overclocking memory is engineered for speed.
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Overclocking memory is engineered for speed. Extreme Performance DDR2, and DDR3 DIMMs support high frequencies and low latencies for optimum performance. These products are 100% tested at their rated specs on popular enthusiast motherboards to ensure performance and reliability. Custom cast aluminum High Efficiency heat spreaders are included for optimum thermal performance.

Features :

Overclocking DDR3 is a high-density memory that accomplishes high-speed operation and low power consumption to improve performance. Our DDR3 is ranged from density 1GBto 6GB, including

128x8 DRAMs with 240-pin PCB (printed circuit board).

Description : DDR3 PC1333/1600/2000 Unbuffered Dimm 
Interface : 240-pin 
Capacity : 1GB / 2GB / 3GB / 6GB
Speed: 1333MHz, 1600MHz, 1800MHz, 2000MHz.
Unbuffered Dimm
Component configuration :  128*8 
Power Consumption : 1.65V 
CAS Latency : 7 - 9